Friends of Dorothy

Friends of Dorothy (2013-Present)

Taking its name from midcentury codes for gay males, Friends of Dorothy  (of the Wizard of Oz) are several sculptural works whose designs recall the machines and interiors found on the website Aiming to fill a void in erotic robotic technologies, the San Francisco-based porn site is unique in that it builds not-for-sale, sophisticated machines for men who “need a machine to give it to them; they want fast, hard and deep anal fucking the way only a machine with a massive dong and high speed electric motor can give them.” Using a great deal of camp ethos, and deprived of the motion that could make them functional or comfortable, my sculptures use 3D modeling software, CNC routers, and mold-making techniques to reimagine this fetishistic, masculine-obsessed pornographic artifact as a peculiarly coded and performed site. Indeed, its sister site – which shows women using different machines – reverses much of its language to fit its different audience. My own reinterpretations, thus, have focused on how the site’s products imagine the queer body’s relationship to sex and erotic technologies. Its gendering of the machine is noteworthy, but perhaps more so, there are overlapping ways in which both “queerness” and the “machine” tackle binaries of normative vs. transgressive, public vs. private. Neither, it seems, properly care. Small and barely aggressive in relationship to the furniture they sit on, my sculptures wrestle and negotiate how these dualities can emerge and merge, imbuing the sex machine’s coming-out with fantastic, utopic theatrics.


(Installation view)